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Dec 11, 2017
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Austin, TX
Hello all.

Last year I made the decision to replace a couple of denominations of my Southwest Texas chips (the 5¢ and $1) with new colors. I've kept a tight lid on what the new colors are so don't bother searching PCF for clues. ;) Regardless, they've arrived!

The Prize:
Unfortunately, I am not offering any chips from the order or original set. The extras that came for both denoms worked out to good quantity breaks allowing more per starting stack at certain blind and player levels. So... instead of scrowns you're playing for 2x free Isle of Capri dealer buttons from the recent group-buy:


They are new and unused.

How to Play:
  • Using only the CPC chip design tool, create a single mockup containing both the 5¢ and the $1 chips; using the same spot patterns (but not colors) as Mockup_1 below.
  • Post your mockup in this thread. (NO PM's).
  • PLEASE only post one mockup.

Only your first mockup will count. Edited mockups are void and disqualify the entrant. Your mockup does not need to include an inlay.

General Guidelines and Hints:

Design your nickel with: 3DS316.
Design your dollar with: 3TA181418.
  • The following colors ARE NOT USED for the new chips (so, avoid choosing them in your mockups):
    • DG Saturn, Chocolate, Blue, DG Yellow, Red, Light Green, Black, DG Peacock, DG Pink
  • Both of the "18" spots on the $1 should be the same color. For points purposes both "18" spots count as one color choice.
  • The spots on the 5¢ should be the same color.
Other chips in the set:

Scoring on the Nickel (max 11 points):
  • 5 points for having the correct base color.
  • 4 points for having the correct spot color.
  • 2 points bonus if BOTH the base an spot colors are correct.
Scoring on the Dollar (max 16 points) :
  • 5 points having the correct base color.
  • 3 points per each correct spot color (out of position)
    • Meaning you guessed a spot color correctly but you put it on the wrong spot position.
  • 4 points per each correct spot color (in position)
  • 3 points bonus if the base AND all spot colors are correct (in position).

Other Info and Disclaimers:
  • The contest will run two weeks; starting today and ending 07/23/2021 at 5pm CST. (entries made after this time will not be accepted)
  • Point totals will be posted when the contest ends as well as pics of the chips and/or the official proof from CPC. The entrant earning the most points is the winner of the two dealer buttons.
  • Free shipping for U.S. locales, whereas any winner who is outside the U.S. will be responsible for shipping costs. Also if the latter, payments must be via PP with the winner also paying PP fees (if any).
  • CPC employees and affiliates may not participate in this contest for obvious reasons.
  • I will correct or clarify any issues regarding this contest if/when they arise.
  • I reserve the right to cancel this contest at any time and for any reason.

Good luck.
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