Calling all Harvestors: Best and Easiest Casino's/Card Rooms to Harvest Chips


Dec 14, 2020
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Minnesota, USA
Hopefully this can turn into somewhat of a Sticky or Database for Harvesting LIVE Chips.

I did a couple searches and didn't see exactly what I am looking for so hopefully there are lots of you guys that can help me out. I KNOW I am not the only one that will find this info useful so this is a request for a some help from some of those that have been successful harvesting LIVE casino chips lately. Obviously this will work best for $1's and Fractionals, but it might work for some people with some other denominations like $2's, $2.50's or maybe even $5's. Some will be super easy to get and others will be quite difficult. If there is enough activity here maybe I can do some sort of consolidation of Locations and Types/ Colors etc of chips. I am thinking of a whose whose of chip harvesting. I would love to see what is out there and what is easy or difficult to get. Of course if you can post a picture that would be helpful. I will give an example of what I am thinking I would like to see:

Here is a list of things that I think would be helpful. If anyone thinks of other things, feel free to chime in.
- Name of Card Room or Casino
- Location of Card Room or Casino
- Potential Chip Denomination, Manufacturer, Style, Condition & how easy or difficult it would be to Harvest this particular chip.
- Pictures if possible
Other possibilities:
- If you are willing to harvest at this location & as of when (date)
- Fee charged - idk, maybe you know this or don't
- Anything else you can think of that might be useful

Don't get the wrong idea, I know that most everyone would prefer Paulson's, but that is not what I have access to at my local card room so I am posting what is actually here. If you don't want to post anything other than Paulsons, that is fine. If you want to post other candidates as well, that is fine with me too. Post what you think would work well.

Canterbury Park & Card Club
Shakopee, MN
50¢, $1, $2, $5 are all possibilities. There are a massive number of $1's, $2's & $5's available and they are all easy to get as this is mostly a limit room which is ideal for harvesting chips. One would probably want to sort through chips as some have new crisp white inlay/stickers and others are older and faded, but there are plenty of newer nice chips. $1's, $2's & $5's all are Bud Jones S2 chips and are all standard 39mm chips and are 11g ea. They are slugged plastic chips. In my opinion they are very nice and would be an excellent candidate for harvesting as the labels come off relatively easily and could be made totally custom or used as is. As can be seen in the pictures some of the chips are not in great shape like the blue $1. It is cracked and shows fading on the Label. Like I said, if harvesting here you are most likely going to want to sort through chips to get good ones. The 50¢ is a Bud Jones V1 (I believe) and is quite light @ 7g. All others are slugged, but this one is not. In addition to being not as nice a chip, the 50¢ chip is not a good candidate for harvesting as it is only used on occasion for a very small stud game and for tokes so it would be VERY difficult if not impossible to get in any sort of numbers. In addition to that most all of the 50¢ are in poor condition.

For anyone that wants $1's, $2's or $5's, I would send 5 chips or less for face + shipping (No fee at all from me) I would sort through them to get nice ones. It might be a while because of COVID, but I'll take care of you. If you want a bunch of them, like a rack or more PM me and we can work out the details. I'll hook you up and I won't charge much...
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Aug 23, 2015
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Charm. That’s what I get for multitasking.
Well the English charm works every time. Especially on the older cage ladies. Target them lol

But for the op. Paris and Nyny weren't too bad about dishing out mint $1s. 5 or so at a time in Paris and a barrel or more at NYNY.


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Dec 21, 2015
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You can harvest live chips from pretty much any casino. You've already paid for the chips, just put em in your pocket and walk out. Fracs are by far the most difficult chips to get though, if you can even find them that is.


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Mar 19, 2021
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Setting up a trip to do some harvesting of my own. I hope it goes well.
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