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Apr 5, 2013
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This would be a very first draft kinda like the spots kinda like the color combo but this is where I need your help I am partial color blind I can tell what most colors are but not if they go together or look good. I mocked these up using the app so color options are limited.

I will end up with a .25$ 1$ 5$ 20$ 100$ cash chips

The tourney chips will be solids in will end up getting hot stamped
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Do you want to go with traditional Vegas colors for your chips? California colors? Something completely your own?

Also do you have a theme in mind for the inlay/set yet? That would influence the base/spot colors I would use

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The black chip in the 2nd mock up is my favorite so far
I'd recommend getting a color sample set from ASM so you can see the colors in person. I can look at the same color combinations on 4 different monitors (work PC, home PC, iPad, work laptop) and they all can look slightly different.
I like the Cali colors. I'm not a big fan of the red bird. Was kinda thinking Green .25 White 1 yellow 5 black 20 blue 100 not sure on the 100

I have a color sample from asm
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So I took a look at my color sample today and this is what I come up with


My concern is the .25$ and the 5$ in this configuration
Just want to point out that you are using one dayglo and one "retro" color as your base. Neither of those have brass in them and are therefore unweighted. I know that it bothers some to have the 2 different types of chips in the same set. If that's you then I'd change them to arc yellow and dark blue respectively to keep a similar feel to what you'r going for.

Also the 1 and 5 chips share too many colors and IMO you should switch up the spot patterns a bit. Too many similar looking patterns on edge when stacked.

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Oh, there's also ALOT of white in your set
I'm not worried about the weighted to unweighted I was going for the ones that look blue to me. I am 3/4 color blind so it can be thought for me this is also why I have gone with so much white. If you would have any suggestions for spots and or colors I am very open to help I know I need it. I was thinking I may need to use the green or the blue as the quarter and might use the peach as the 5 and eliminate the yellow or move it to the end as a 100.

Quick mock up using "traditional(?)" Cali colors. The black is usually a $20 but I kept it for contrast.

IMO, these could be easier for you to differentiate due to the differing spot combos. Tried to follow a 1 spot, 2 spot, 3 spot, etc. progression. Also tried to make the spots noticeably different from one chip to the next.

Hope this helps
In the Q-pie chip the lavenders are to close and I can't tell the difference as well as in the imperial blue chip. I do appreciate it I am going take take another shot at it with a more diversified spot color patern
Here is my next go at it


The last two are my thoughts on a 100 chip I think I like the white base better

What do you guys think
Is the black base chip the 100? If so I like that one with those edgespots.
I think he is doing cali colors so the black is prob the $20 chip.

I like the white base too for the $100.

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