California Split (1974) on Amazon Prime (1 Viewer)

To me, with Rounders being @1 all time poker, California Split ranks an easy #2. I love the way the games and list are on the chalkboard in card room & Stud is the main game.
Awesome. Thanks for posting. Other poker players have told me about this movie several times, but I've never seen it. And I refuse to pay for movies through Pay Per View, but I have Amazon Prime.
To me, with Rounders being @1 all time poker, California Split ranks an easy #2. I love the way the games and list are on the chalkboard in card room & Stud is the main game.

You ever see "The Cincinnati Kid?" It's really a close 1-2 between that and "Rounders" for me. I will give "Californa Split" a tumble this week though :), it's looks pretty good.
My phone says I can stream it for free, my fire stick tells me I need to rent it, strange.

I use a Roku and I searched California Split, there does seem to be 2 versions listed, one is Prime and one is for rent.......not sure why.....
The picture for the Prime version is the two main characters over some dice, the "White Poster" version is for "Rent".......
I have the DVD anyway, but just wanted to let everyone know. :)
So I did enjoy this over a long lunch today. It's a good gambling movie for sure. But it's plays more like a series of vignettes than an actual plot. The Mapes is great of course (and I love the high from recognizing the mystery player). They do pay it off with a pretty good ending though.

I still think "Rounders" and "Cincinnati Kid" are best of breed in this genre, but this is definitely unusual and enjoyable. :)
"You're good, kid, but as long as I'm around, you're only second best. Might as well learn to live with it."
Classic line from the Cincinnati Kid! Great movie and what a cast; Edward G Robinson, Steve McQueen, a smokin hot Ann Margaret, Tuesday Weld, Karl Malden. Damn!!! A must watch
Watching California Split now. Haven’t seen it in many years. Forgot about Amarillo Slim having a bit part in this. Pretty cool. He’s betting on the ponies and playing poker. Imagine that!!!
I'll watch Cincinnati Kid again just to see Ann Margret.

Will be watching California Split soon. Thanks for the heads-up!
Watched it... the nostalgia of the casino scenes was fun... but Ida know about the movie as a whole. Early on, the characters were very much talking over each other. Must have been a stylistic thing I think. Jeff Goldblum makes an appearance. I think I read that this was one of his first movies.
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^^ totally agree about the old casino nostalgia and the audio sucked with them talking over each other. Comes off dated but was fun to watch after many many years.
It’s also interesting to see how different filmmaking was compared to today. In the 70s, many films like this were not as concerned with “getting it right” or perfect. Case in point, when George Segal is riding the escalator and tries to throw the lady’s handbag at her. He clearly flubs it, and audio even has her mock him. If that scene were shot today, they would do endless takes from multiple angles.
Watching a film like this is more spontaneous and the actors are more free. Almost like watching a play.

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