Buying my first real PokerSet!


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Apr 24, 2021
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Dear All!

I am totally new to this side of the world. I was always fascinated about Poker Chips, but never pulled the plug to actually buy a set for myself. Now the time has come!

I am a University student, so I guess I do not want to pay too much money on something, that's not that important, I mean I must say I will use the chips mostly with board games and card games. I live in Transylvania(Romania). My budget is I guess about 100 euros, but that's also not cheap.... If somebody has used, but great poker chips, I could also think of buying second hand chips.

Now, after lots of information, I realized, I don't have to buy from the get go a full set, but I could also think this way: I could buy 150 chips and in a few months or so, I could buy again. This way I may buy a good quality chip and not just buy something cheap to have a 300 or 500 set. I am looking at

What I figured till now are the following. These are still quite high price chips for me, but I guess I don't want to buy too bad chips:
1.Ceramics: WSOP Replica 2011 (Reno High Stakes),
Crown CashGames (these have a bit wierd look, I don't like them particularly)

2. China Clays: Majestic

3.Molded: The Nuts
Diamond Club
(these are 14gr, so quite heavy, but much more affordable)

These are the ones I looked at and liked. I also liked the look of the Claysmith ones, but I got adviced they are not that good.

The denominations I am looking for at the moment (for board and card games) are 1, 5, 25, 50 (there can be also 10 or 20 and maybe a few 100s)

What do you think and what would you suggest to me?
I thought at this low budget I have, I better buy something good but a few with a Chip Rack and later buy more, like another 150 chips and a case with it. But until now, 150 maybe a bit less is sufficient for board games. I could also consider used, but great quality poker chips.


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Apr 19, 2020
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New York, NY
I live in Transylvania(Romania)
CE FACE! You live in my ancestral homeland—my mother’s side is Transylvanian going back generations—Oradea to be specific (although we call it Nagyvarad lol). I’m the first in my family to be born in America. Unfortunately I don’t speak much Romanian, but my stomach certainly does—you’ve inspired me to have mititei and mamaliga tonight! Where in Transylvania are you?

As for the chips, I’d personally go with one of the ceramics.

(I’m only saying this because you’re Transylvanian, if you speak any Hungarian I speak it fluently... we can chat in PMs in our semi-native tongues)
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