Built My Cleanest PC Mod Yet - Hello Kitty Theme For My Wife (1 Viewer)

It's in progress!

I thought you already did the police lights mod. Version 2?

The one I did wasn't my complete vision, it was just a hold-me-over until I was ready to go all out. I just did the EVGA step-up program so I'm shipping them my GTX 1070 and getting a GTX 1080 in its place. I'm also waiting on the custom backplate and fan guard for the mod, the guy who does them is backed up a couple of weeks. But aside from that and some cable management the system is done, can't wait to show it off
Finally have the updates for Jenn's build. Added another SSD with a custom Hello Kitty cover (featuring a heart that lights up) plus replaced the plate on the PSU Shroud with a custom Hello Kitty plate:






Jenn's computer is in a modding competition to win a $150 voucher at the CableMod store. If anyone cares to help out, the video of the contestants is here:

There is a link in the video description on where the poll is so you can cast your vote, thanks for any support!

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