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Not Mine Bud Jones Mirage Springs Set (1 Viewer)

they've been up on eBay at that price for at least a month or so. one of my favorite sets of all time and i wouldn't be totally opposed to overpaying for them as i would be here if the breakdown was more useful for my games.

trade half the $1s and all the $2s for more $5s and i would be tempted to rationalize. but i definitely think they're quite overpriced here.
Trade the rack of $100s for a rack of $25s too.
Trade the rack of $100s for a rack of $25s too.

i mentioned in another thread that i've sort of been turned around on the use of quarters in $1/2+ cash games. if i had to have either one rack of quarters or one rack of hundos, i'd choose hundos. i guess i would go 60/40 quarters/hundos if that were an option.
If you play them, sure. I can't see $100s being put in play in any cash game that I would be playing in on a regular basis. Maybe at a once or twice a year game.
My high denom rack would be 90 x $25s (preferably $20s) and 10 x $100 (for rebuys)

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