Breakdown table (folding table) advice. Learn from my mistake


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Sep 14, 2020
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Nova Scotia, Canada
I recently completed a table that breaks down in to several pieces, so I can easily transport it by myself if I need to.

I was too lazy to take pictures as I was going through the build process, but I just thought I’d share this, in case it could help someone avoid the same mistake (or maybe I did something wrong other than what I think the problem was).

The table turned out as well as I expected, except for the seam, where the two playing surface halves meet. There are many small wrinkles (wrinkles may be the wrong word, waves maybe?) in the cloth, where I pulled it over the the edge of the playing surface (where it meets the other half of the playing surface). These waves are small, and not even really noticeable unless there is a light source coming from the side of the table, instead of overhead.

I think what caused this was that I used the open cell playing surface foam, instead of the firmer closed cell volara foam. For the record, I like the way the open cell foam feels under the speed cloth, but I think the closed cell foam would hold up a little better at a seam in the middle of the table.

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