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Oct 27, 2016
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Out in the West Coast...
Right now the top chip I'm looking for for a set is something along the lines of a Sunfly chip to do a tournament set, but how much should I get of each type for a recommended tournament? I have never tried to host one but would like to eventually do one. (Note: It doesn't have to be a Ravenor exactly, I see the Asconas are nice as well).

I was thinking something like a 10k tournament with 7 players or something along those lines. Allow two or three rebuys, and have a 500 chip set.
You might find some useful info on other threads if you search as I've seen this discussed quite a bit. One thing I will say is I've noticed recently that more people are [following casinos and] ditching the T25 and going with base T100 so this might be something to consider as it could allow you to save money by purchasing fewer chips or buy more higher denoms for those multiple rebuys your planning. I'll leave the actual numbers to the experts though.

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