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Apr 15, 2021
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Clearwater Florida USA
Hi everyone. I'm brand new here.

This all started about 2 weeks ago. I've been playing poker for about 15 years and decided to start up a home game again. I bought a decent table and then some chips on amazon. 1000 chips for around $200 bucks. I thought they would be cool because amazon said so. They're the Monte Carlo Poker Club set. "Clay Composite". They arrived and I instantly realized they sucked. They didn't have the feel I wanted. So I started looking. Found some thread saying "Paulson" chips were the best. Found a small set on Apache, then got convinced that I should just buy the Majestic set that Apache offers. Bought those because they were real clay chips. Received them and again am pretty disappointed... I dont hate them or anything, they're fine but I they're not what I am looking for. So here I am now, down the god damn worm hole that I had no idea existed, into this world of hard core poker chip lovers. I'm so jealous of all of you who flash their beautiful sets of chips I dont know what to do with myself. So here I am at this point, ready to spend a few grand on a great set.

I'm here introducing myself because I have a feeling I might make some friends, but also here asking for some help to put together an awesome set (or multiple sets) for my home game.

I met a guy on eBay (super nice guy) who somehow him and I have become friends. He has a set of Horseshoe South Indiana chips for me. He also sold me a bunch of $1. He's a fellow chip lover. I think I may just go with this HSI set (learning lingo), but also interested in seeing what else is out there and what makes everyone else tick.

I'm learning your lingo, I'm studying all I can. But for now, I want a great set of chips. I'd love some suggestions if you have them.



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May 20, 2019
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Finksburg, MD
Hi Sean, welcome to the forum. Your post may be moved to the introductions section but no worries it wont disappear. Unfortunate yes, the clay composite chips are very heavy, even the majestic. They have metal slugs inside.. but! You can resell them here to fellow new chippers just starting out. Ebay is an ok place to start, and chances are your new friend is a member here. We function on PayPal and Venmo primarily here, and use the feedback system as much as possible. Paulsons are great chips, amd RHCs are a perfect starter set. You will become engulfed in the hobby and find yourself wanting more, and not knowing why. Have no fear, this is normal.
Anyway, I hope everything goes well with the HSI set. We recently had a Jack's sale from a vendor, and those paulsons are super affordable too. Keep your eyes peeled on the classifieds, the recent sales are moving from extra chips ordered. And when you're ready, we have some lovely vendors that offer milling and relabling, so you can make your own label design and create your own set!

Feel free to PM with any questions!


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Jan 9, 2020
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Austin, TX
Welcome to the forums! There’s a great appendix around here somewhere You’re in a great spot with a few grand for your budget. I personally went the route of $ on striped dice, $$ on China clays, and then $$$ on casino used paulsons, but if you have the cash to spend and the time to do your diligence, you’ll end up with an incredible set. Same as with Brie above, PM if you have any question! Welcome to the journey.
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