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Aug 23, 2013
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Wow, a ton of work (15 months???) and amazing craftsmanship (blown away at the complexity), but they failed one major aspect... building a practical table. Looks neat, but I'd absolutely HATE playing on that table. Complete waste of time. It takes about a day to build an amazing looking table that you'd ENJOY playing at for hours...

Wow that took a lot of time and detail to make that table. Good for them for making it but not a table I'd want to play on. Comfort and ease of finding your chips amongst the background of bottlecaps would probably not be very fun.
It's not the first table to land in the fugly table thread (where this post belonged) that had great skill with a lousy concept.
It's not the first table to land in the fugly table thread (where this post belonged) that had great skill with a lousy concept.

I debated this table's inclusion in the ugly table thread.. But it's not necessarily uber ugly... Just uber impractical. Well, ok, it's ugly. ;)
Seems like every manufacturer out has to atleast make one. We made a couple . You can buy beer or bottle caps online. Just get the epoxy out.... if you have an interest I can probably get the details from Brandon if you want to attempt one...
I thought that this table was an abomination, but at least it was playable. Then I saw the smooth as glass finish at 3:22. This makes it an abomination that is not playable, at all.

At least it provides a fitting video for the abomination of a song that is "Eye of the Tiger".
What - in the name of unintelligible thread necromancy - is going on right now?
You can hate me all you’d like...I’d play it. At least once!!
I tore down a penny wall one time on a remodel... the entrance walls was covered in pennys. Now that was a dumb drunk ideal...
I had photos continue to the topic...I believe there's a video at Jacobe Furniture...
Agreed. It wasn’t even a dumb drunk idea...they put real thought into it!
The problem is that they only started thinking after the whole poker table functionality part of the journey. This reminds me of some dumb TV show I saw (Storage Wars?). Somebody made a beautiful pool table with an acrylic surface - not under the felt where the slate is, as the surface.

Have you ever played (poker) on a mirror finished acrylic table? For full effect, use paper cards and wipe the surface with a damp rag frequently.

What makes a great bar table will not generally translate to a poker table.

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