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Feb 24, 2020
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Evening everyone from a quarantined home here in the UK. Hope you're all staying safe!

Gave all our equipment an extra clean today, feels like we should all be taking extra precautions.

I play here in the UK, in our local organised game primarily but occasionally play in casinos and Las Vegas when we get our there.

See you all around.
Hahaha, indeed. One of the things I loved the most about getting into the poker scene was the way that you get to meet so many new people and from all different walks of life. There cannot be many other scenarios in life where you sit at a table with 8-9 other strangers and are kinda forced to socialise.

These days, I dislike phones and tablets at the tables. With the danger of sounding like my grandfather, it was nice in the older days when people didn't have that distraction. And that's coming from a guy who makes his living in the tech industry.
Welcome! Funny enough playing live poker is one of the times I dont check PCF regularly.

Too much socializing and playing cards. Also no need to look at pics of chips when you can experience them in action!

This is hilarious to me, as an inside joke. In high school French class, the audio recordings almost always started with the female voice saying, "bonjour, Paul!" and the male voice responding, "bonjour, Anne!" My best friend and I would bust out laughing every time.

Anyhoo … welcome!

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