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Feb 22, 2020
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Ann Arbor, MI
So I'm pretty new chipper. Bought some online and was washing the corona off of them with some soap and warm water. The blue seems to have bled into the other areas of the chips.

Any suggestions or recommendations, for both fixing these and future cleaning.

Sets on the “Paulson Chips” mold are notorious for this. I don’t recall if oiling helps or not.
Also, the blue color on Paulsons is a softer material and seems to transfer faster than other colors. I have a bunch of those Bellagio that I bought online, and it was a bit of a job getting it off the white edge spots. Warm soap and water and a soft toothbrush gets 95% of it.
Yeah, that particular shade of Paulson blue is probably the worst for color transfer of any chip color ever made, by anybody.
A couple swipes of a magic eraser removes the blue color transfer. Don't forget to do the edge of the barrel too. It'l look nice in your display until you put them into play, and they will immediately get blue again.

I usually magic erase them the first time to make sure the chips are up to my standards of clean, but then don't remove the blue from the white, you'd have to do that constantly.

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