Black Saturday (Nov 29th) at Truman's House (1 Viewer)

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Oct 28, 2014
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East Valley, Arizona
Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and the inevitable nap on the couch, while Uncle Ned drones on incessantly about the drafty windows and the home improvements you haven't gotten to yet. On Black Friday, dutifully follow the wife around various stores whilst holding her bags and smiling gamely. Fret not, for Saturday is your day, and on your day, you want to drink beer, play poker, tell silly stories, and have a good time.

WHAT: NL+PLO+BIG O (hi/lo) poker at Truman's House in Northern MA. 25c/50c blinds, $125 max buyin (or half the biggest stack)
WHEN: Saturday, November 29th at 4:00pm
DRINK: Bottled water, soda, some bottled beers, and a seasonal fresh beer on tap in the kegerator
FOOD: You've had enough turkey - we'll have pizzas, grinders, and salad for the gluten unfriendly amongst us

1) Bergs
2) HDK
3) Clay (IBetOnEverything)
4) Silverspoon Mike
5) Chicken Rob on Ba-Clock
6) Jimulacrum
7) Jose
8) Guinness
9) Onerand
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I am a weak maybe at this point. Visiting the family for T-day. Not sure when returning. Maybe saturday return would be good. Your house is on my way home...
I'm in. I'm more excited to play SOHE than Jose is when he reads "Nordstrom Mens Shirt Winter Sale".


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"Available and willing participant"?! When did my home game turn into an audition for a spot in a production of Henry IV?
Apparently "do not know for sure if I can make it" and "weak maybe" mean that Bergs is going to lock up seats and have me and Chicken brought to the game by force.
You are hopefully right. I would be happy to make it, and pleased to see Jim there taking all our money again.
Alas, the Gophish will be in the land of Shakespeare calling on in-laws. Prithee, why holdest thou games of chance whilst I am over the pond?
By the end of the night, I was into the cash game for 1,000 BB even.

I was also into the tournament plus a rebuy, and busted out in either last or second-to-last place.
Bumping. This game still lifting?

I'm driving home from Foxwoods for it - hopefully we can get 8-10 people. I'm locking up seats for the possibles and sending out an APB on Friday morning to get solid commitments.

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I will try to play.

Randman - send me a PM with your email address and I'll check on on Friday to get a final count.
It's almost certain that I can't make it now either. Got car repairs to do that haven't been started yet, and even if they start today, I don't see them all getting done in time with the holiday in the middle.
OK - I'm going to cancel the game and will be staying at either Mohegan or Foxwoods that night (probably Foxwoods). We'll get a game together in December.
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