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Nov 7, 2014
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I need a few barrels to a rack of excellent conditon black Paulsons, must have multi color edge spots.

Chip will be milled or relabelled. So can be hotstamped or inlayed.

Hopedully someone has something that won't be missed too much. I'd rather not murder rare / sought after chips.

I can buy, or trade. Check my other ads I have lots of racks, barrels, singles to trade.

PM me watcha got!

Removed sample pics.
Looking to pay up to $3-$4/chip.
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Any interest in these mint/NM barrels? The barrels of CdM 20,000 were almost built for milling, as they are LCV (with no recess) and a denom no one really uses. I've got 50 of them.

I really wouldn't want to see the 40 Macon County hotstamps milled, though, but I'd let them go for the right price.



I literally just messaged someone looking for those Macon this past week. If you pass Rene and @AWenger is open to it - I’m looking for $100s for my mixed hot stamp set :)

Love the Macon chips. Using the $25 in one of my sets
Cool. In good conscience, I don't know if I can sell the Macon County chips for milling, now. Hopefully, @GenghisKhan will like the Casino de Mexico chips, and everyone will be happy.
You know....a little birdy once told me it's not a mixed set if you have the same casino twice. Lol.

Yeah these would go nice in @JeepologyOffroad 's set
Agreed! Wouldn’t be used in the same set as the 25s. They would go with this one :)


Macon $25s in this one

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