Big O turn decision: call or fold? (1 Viewer)

I keep saying that and the guys (well, @BarrieJ3 ) keep giving me shit about it lol.

This hand is pretty illustrative of the importance of low backup as well. If hero has a 4 instead of the king. the ace on the river is actually good for a quarter of the pot, and a three on the river don't wreck the low either. (Hero still escapes with a quarter as played instead of bricking out.)

AAKK2, double suited aces or AAK32, double suited aces?
A/A/2/3 x (preferably a K or a 4) with suited aces. I'll play for stacks with that hand.

I agree, just about any A-A-2-3-x is better than any A-A-K-K-2 imo. But Omaha is a very different game than hold'em because there aren't huge disparities preflop on the good end of hands. Even something like 7-6-5-4 offsuit is only a 2-1 dog against A-A-K-K double-suited.


The only way to be at a huge disadvantage preflop is to play atrocious hands.

If this makes sense, when changing from hold'em to omaha, you have to think of hands more in terms of shapes and patterns than in rank. Double-Pair hands are good in some situations, 4-card-connectors are good too. Know your flops is the way to win at this game. Preflop play is a much smaller piece of the omaha puzzle than its two card cousin.
I like hands like A23KQ, A23J10. Having 5 low cards in your hand means less chance of low coming in. There will often be 1-2 high cards on the flop. Having 3 broadway cards gives a hand much more versatility post flop on flops with 2 high cards, or a high only hand that has 3 high cards.

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