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Sep 19, 2013
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Hello everyone, how ya'll doing.

I recently stumbled across this site searching for high quality poker chips and I thought about posting my question here as I think it is a great forum. I must say that I am a poker chip newbie and I don't know anything about them and I hope you guys can help me out.

I am looking for the highest quality poker chip to buy online that MUST have international shipping( I live outside US/Canada) with good reputation. I am NOT looking to buy a SET of poker chips as there are too expensive. I am however very excited to buy a couple of them (around 10-20 poker chips) to shuffle around and just get the feel to it, I hope you guys get the idea, so I'm looking to buy the best quality poker chip.

So far, I really like the Nevada Jacks but im still not sure and im sure there are tons of other chips, I am open to all suggestions, custom chips,etc and I hope you guys can help me out!

Thank you
Welcome to the Poker Chip Forum. I think your best bet would be to get some sample chips from eBay. 10-12 of each type would be good for shuffling. You have a few different types of chips and it's really a matter of personal preference IMO. I think it's safe to say that more people lean towards a clay/composite type of chip.

The big three:

-clay/composites chips (Paulson, BCC, ASM)
-ceramic chips (Chipco, PGI, GOCC)
-plastic/slug chips (Bud Jones and various MFGs)

There are also 'china' clay chips that supposedly mimic a clay/composite chip but I have never seen one in person so I cannot say too much about them.
Welcome to the forum

For the top of the line best be all of poker chips its Paulson

Top of the line is going to be a Paulson chip but honestly even the China Clays are a nice chip for the money. I've got Paulsons, Chipcos, PGI's, GOCC, BCC, and Milano china clays and I like the feel and sound of all of them so I dont think you can go wrong iwth one of those.
"best" is completely subjective. Some people think Paulsons are the best because that is what a lot (most?) casinos use. Others think other clay chips (ASM, BCC) are the best. Others think ceramics (Chipco, Sunfly, etc.) are the best. They are all different and which one is "best" depends on personal preference.
If all you want them for is to have 10-20 in order to "shuffle" them, rather than a complete set for game use, then I would go with Casino Chips made by Paulson. they will be EXACTLY what you would find in most casino card rooms. At least, on this side of the oceans, anyway. As mentioned, you could probably find a reasonably priced barrel (20 chips) on eBay for a reasonable price. Good luck, and welcome.
Where can I buy paulsons chip that ship internationally and a reliable website? also looking for flashy graphics giant inlays if possible for the paulsons.
The chip room has giant inlays on there garden city chips which are from a casino in San Jose California. Others from the chip room are the grand Victoria, empress and mark twain casino's (terribles). The chip room is A++ I have bought there many times (I have close to 8000 chips and the number is ever rising) As for home market paulsons is also great the have a few paulson home market chips there. The World top hat & canes are sweet I have lots of those along with other sets. You will love the sound and feel, miles better then the nevada jacks
hey thanks for your response saw28, as you told me you have around 8000 chips that means you know a lot about them, which paulsons you think I should get from the chip room? is there a difference between home paulsons and casinos?
The biggest difference in the home and the casinos is that the casino chips are used and have a natural oil to them. When you shuffle them they feel like butter, which is a result of table life. One year on a casino table is the same as having a home market chip a life time. As for make they are said to have the same compound except the higher denoms (and people here correcting if I'm wrong) have security features. Chips 100$ and higher have metal flakes and uv writing under the inlay. Alot of people also prefer casino chips due to the colour choices. Home market chips are very limited as they (gpi or paulosn if you will) don't wanna take away the good colours from the casinos or reuse a color pattern as for security. Thats why a lot of the paulosn home chips use the came colour spots. (james bonds, classic and the old pharaoh) That also why I love my world tophat & canes for the most part they are different. They added a 5000 chip which is the only home set where thats the case. Before you buy chips you don't wanna waste your money and buy wrong though. Take a look at a few sites and ask yourself what are my stakes, is it worth it to buy paulson chips (probably not if you play .05/.10 or .10/.25) is it for cash games or tournaments, are the 20 chips I buy going to be the ones I wan't a set of. And how much do you want to spend over the course of the set.
Hello there, just wanted to say that I decided to buy the paulsons tophat & cane poker chip, I ordered them from apache poker. your help was a major factor in deciding to buy these, originally I wanted a really flashy graphics chip like the Nevada Jacks because I just wanted a couple of them to shuffle around and wanted them to look nice but I changed my mind and went for the paulsons. I dont think I will buy a set of high quality poker set anywhere soon but this is a start ^^. so thank you for your help

I bought the yellow tophat & cane could you check if this are the correct ones.

Also thanks everyone aswell that posted in this post, everything was taken into consideration
Right on bud you should be very happy with them I know I am. Good luck with any future purchase.
Hope you have fun with them . . . me, I like the white chip in your link (the Quarter). But they're Paulsons, so they are all good.

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