SOLD BCC spotted FOC (fan of cards) fracs 5c 10c 25c 50c (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2013
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Well, there is a set that I really would like to pick up, so I am doing the unthinkable, posting up some chips for sale.

ALSO please note that I am currently in Canada. The border has been shut down , so if you would like these shipped from the US, I will have to wait until things clear up. If you can’t wait, I will look into shipping rates from Canada for you.

For those wondering, I am not looking to maximize return on any of these chips, but I am looking for fair value. I really don't want to see them shipped out and then resold for a lot more, and will try to take that into account when choosing who to sell to.

I also would like chips to go out to people that have a specific need for them, although that's pretty subjective.

Again, this is not a first come, first served sale. I will be waiting until Sunday March 29 , or possibly Monday March 30 to make a final decision. Also, if any chips don't sell, I'm fine with that, They can sit amongst their friends in my shelves again, waiting for me to build the set around them.

Ok, sorry for all the text to start things off, hopefully you’ve actually read it, but I doubt it, lol!

Ok, this is a sale for the set, instead of by rack. I’d prefer to see them stick together, but if there is no interest, I may break them up.

BCC FOC fan of cards spotted fracs, 5¢ 10¢ 25¢ 50¢

I got these mint from Mike Endy (of BCC) shortly before they sold off to GPI. They went from cardboard box, to rack, and from house to house with me , and never got to see action. Please put these into play!


This set is reduced to $650 ($1.30 per chip) for 500 chips. [was priced at $725]

Ok, Until I put the chips back into the closet, I'm going to mark this set down to $525 USD and $43 for shipping to the US.

If anyone is looking for a rack of chips, the price will be $130 per rack, plus $23 shipping to the US.
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Looks like for now, this chip set might be staying with me. If anyone posts interest in it before I make my trip to the post office to ship out, they can go first come first serve now.

Oh , and I'll reduce the price on the set to $650, until I decide to put it back in the cabinet.

Last chance on these as well. I'm going to put the price at $525 USD for the set, plus $43 for shipping to the US.

Or if you are just looking for a rack, they will be $130 per rack, plus $23 shipping to the US.

Yes, they are still available.
A rack of chips = 100 chips
A stack of chips = a barrel of chips = 20 chips
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