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Aug 23, 2015
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Hi all

Looking for a small set of these which will handle a single table tourney. I've always loved them but until recently played cash only.

Now that I've got myself a tourney league going, it's only appropriate that I get at least a couple of sets to rotate. What kind of a host would I be otherwise to my players that don't give two shits about chips.


Pm me if you have some and are open to selling.
@Ben had a bunch of these awhile back he was trying to sell. Not sure if that ever happened or not.

I like them. BCC quality control issues fucked up a couple of the denoms.
Sorry, no. I never liked the V2s except for the 1Ks.

I do have some V1s, including a rack of the V1 $1Ks, which I also love...despite generally disliking brown chips. Non disputandum, right?
The t1k is a nice chip, and I also generally dislike brown chips lol.
Free bump, what's the inlay size on these? Is it 7/8 or 1 inch?
Aren't these paulson web mold. Love these chips too.
Nope. The Endy's kept the web mold when Paulson merged with B&G creating GPI, and made web mold chips after they created Blue Chip Co. (BCC). Unknown where it went when BCC later sold out to GPI.
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