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Nov 10, 2014
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palmdale, ca
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I have 1 rack +5 left in very good / near mint condition of small font. I've never put them in play. Also 15 x large font if anyone is looking for those. They of course come with all the BCC'isms (not sure how to spell that). I don't know what version they are. $200 rack + shipping. $40 + shipping for the extra barrel. I will split the mixed barrel for the OCD peeps. Thanks for looking.

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Good milling candidates... :whistle: :whistling:

I still remember the design threads on these over at the Blue wall. Those were epic. My submissive won for one of the denoms and got a barrel of HHR chips, IIRC.

4 years chasing Inplays has broken me brother! :ROFL: :ROFLMAO: But if you still have a rack of these sitting around in a few months, you just might convince me to take it off your hands.:)
Very tempting for sure, just have to admire them for now.
Really? Four years? That is very discouraging. I'm new here and sort of just decided that Inplays are what I want to go after. Not sure I have the heart to chase for that long.
I have funds tied up elsewhere at the moment, but if these are still here in about a month, I will likely be able to buy two racks.
@pokerpig if still available I will take the two racks with the large font. Dibs, I'll take them, whatever verbiage is needed!
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