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Jan 10, 2014
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PRICE REDUCED: BCC MGK mold 600 chip set

For sale is this 600 chip set of BCC (Blue Chip Company) spotted MGK mold chips. As you know, BCC is no longer in business so these will never be made again. If you like BCC chips (like I do) here's a chance to get a whole set of NEW CONDITION chips on one of the best molds BCC ever used (IMO). Quality of these chips is excellent: They are all the same size - different colors all stack evenly and they stack like bricks. The edge spot pattern is not repeated within the set, giving a nice spot progression (see pics).
Breakdown is:
100 lavender (or pinkish), 360 almond (slightly off-white), 100 red, and 40 green chips.
As you can see there is a shallow recess in the center of the chips. I believe a 2 mil vinyl label will fit in there without any problems. The chips could also be hot stamped. This breakdown would make a nice cash or tournament set. A very very fine example of what BCC could produce (when quality control was high).
Price is $475 shipped to U.S. I will absorb paypal fees. SOLD AS A SET ONLY.


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Price has been reduced to rock bottom. No further reductions.
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PRICE REDUCTION. I really can't afford to keep these chips, or I absolutely would. A set like this is something to keep for posterity. Just like I wish I had kept a set of TRK's, a set of BCC's will be something a chipper would appreciate when they are long gone. If these don't get sold, I will keep them for just that reason. Come get em before I change my mind.
Did you know there was a lavender chip in the middle of the white chips?

Oooh nice!! Tempted to add this to the PCA order. :D
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