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Dec 24, 2013
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In an effort to distract attention from the shameful fact that I'm trying to expand my Terrible's LaGrange SECONDARY set, I'm posting this WTB ad in the hopes of finding some additional new uncirculated Bahamia chips. I'll consider any reasonable offers/possibilities, but here's what I'd most like to find:

$1 - I know they're hard to find, but I'd like to get another rack (I already have one rack).

$5 "Dolphin" - I'd like to get 10 to 20 chips.

$5 "Couple on Beach" - I already have a rack of chips in used condition. I'd like to replace it with a new uncirculated rack if possible.

$5 "Millenium" - I'd like to get 10 or more chips. I realize that there probably aren't any new uncirculated chips out there, so I'll consider used chips in good condition.

$100 - I'd like to get 5 or more chips.

$500 - I'd like to get 15-20 chips. I realize that according to most, there were never any new uncirculated $500 chips available, so I'm just looking for chips that are in great condition.​

Thanks for looking!
Those are nice chips! Good luck with your search. Posts some PrOn when you get them. ;)
I currently have something around 840, plus 100 of the yellow Apache "Grand Bahama" quarters.

I'm WAY behind on posting pr()n. I'm so bad, I haven't even posted photos of the beautiful Key West chips from Dennis - and I got those MONTHS ago!

Hmmm... maybe those two - Key West and Bahamia - go together?! Island Chip Pr()n!
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