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Jan 4, 2015
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For those of you who have Aztar Indiana sets, what have you done for a $5k chip? There aren't many 43mm choices out there. Looking for ideas. Thanks.
I decided to build my Aztar Tourney set from T5 to T1K instead... When I'm playing T25 to T5K (my preference) I like to have lots of T1K on the starting stacks so it would be too expensive to have two racks or T1Ks plus a couple of barrels of oversized relabeled T5K. Opting for a T5-T1K I can get away with only two barrels of the oversized T1Ks and no T5Ks... Using the Aztar Secondaries for the Tourney set and the Primaries (secondary $1s) for the Cash btw...

They will be in play tonight as I'm hosting a rotating T5-T1K league... Pictures to come! :)
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I was almost going to get those, but instead did regular sized chips for the $5k's. Used the Aliante Station $1 chips with a new label. I may eventually get the oversized.


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