Cancelled Aztar 50 centers and a random few more other Aztars (1 Viewer)

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May 18, 2015
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Looking for a bunch of these Missouri Aztar 50 cent chips. I have 13 of them, would like maybe another 67 ......though if people think 80 is not enough, maybe go higher. I also need 7 more primary 500's from Indiana (dark purple) and a handful of Indiana 100's (secondary with green/orange stripes).


Anyone have some 50 centers? I'd be happy with one more (it's a start) :)

There's 500's on eBay, but they now want almost $6 each..... no thanks
I have some of those. Let me check quantities this evening and get back to you.
ok, I have some 50 centers on the way, but still need a lot more
also looking for $500 primaries (1-13 of them)
$100 secondaries (1- 45 of them)
$1.00 primaries (20 - 80 of them)

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I need 1-13 $500's, 1-45 $100's, and maybe 20-80 $1's

Would like a good 60-70 more 50 cent chips as I only have a few dozen so far (a good start though)

Kind of an odd amount of chips, but I have a few holes to get a good even number (with a couple extras)
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Probably a good idea to post pictures of exactly what you want. There's confusion sometimes on which chips are primary, which are secondary, etc.

Also note that there are no $500s from Missouri, only Indiana.
good idea ...and yes, other than the 50 cent chips, they are all Indiana that I want

aztar_1primary.jpg aztar_100secondary.jpg aztar_500primary.jpg aztar_50cent.jpg
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still in the hunt for those Missouri 50 cent chips (would love 60+ more). Could use a handful of the others as well :)
updated want list:

1 - 2 barrels of Garden City $1 small label in nice condition
1 barrel of Aztar Indiana $1 primaries
1 - 3 barrels of Aztar Missouri $0.50 pink chips
1 barrel of Aztar Indiana $500 primaries
1/2 barrel of Aztar Indiana $1000 secondaries
qty (2) chips of 1000 paulson avalon/ private cardroom or 100k high roller (yellow with hot pink and purple edges)

Almost got my perfect set of chips, just need these few more things :)
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