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Nov 6, 2014
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I've been on vacation the last week. When I come into work today a letter is sitting on my desk waiting for me.


As I was reading it a co worker came to me desk and informed me that one of the autistic kids that she tutors is obsessed with the Military/Veterans and had been wanting to write a letter to one of them thanking them for their service.

She suggested me, and he wrote a letter.

Very cool.

I'm going to write the young man back later today.

That's awesome. See if you can find a patch or something to give to the with the airforce of flag on it. Bet he'd love that.
Things like these are nice. They are like a little reminder that you and your job matter. Occasionally our guys get these and it keeps you going on the bad days, and we only collected garbage and guys; military guys are the cat's ass. kudos.
One year, back when I still volunteered with Scouts, we had our Beavers and Cubs send letters to Canadian Forces personnel in Afghanistan. You would not have believed the amount of stuff that came back to the kids. The following Remembrance Day, we even had one of the troopers drop in to say "hi" for our night, along with a couple WW2 vets.

DEFINITELY find this kid a unit patch, Bill. Any kid would like something like that and, depending on where he is in the spectrum, an autistic kid would be over the moon at such a gift.
Over the weekend I found a simple to assemble model Air Force plane. I picked it up and wrapped it. I wrote a short letter thanking him for taking the time to write me and to wish him a Merry Christmas. I also attached an old military photo of me with my canine.

I gave it to the lady who works with him this morning so that she could deliver it to him. She hugged me, and started crying saying how cool it was.

wow...........touching that a simple gesture is that awesome. Really started my day off about as good as it gets.

Awesome story and a great reminder to everyone during the holiday season that sometimes the best gifts are the simplest ones.

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