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Not Mine Awesome Supreme Scrooge McDuck contemporary art with Monte Carlo poker chips sacrifice and $3 (1 Viewer)


Two Pair
Nov 8, 2014
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This is one of a kind (and please keep it that way)
1500 euros that is. Shipping may be expensive on this one, weight a ton ....

picsou 2.jpg

It is something like 1h drive from my house so ... I can help if anyone need this.
Only thing I ask is a rack à SB $5 and a picture of me in front of this thing.
like this a lot... reminds me of the Alec Monopoly and Mike Mozart work of the past 10 years!

I’ve got a piece I am thinking of making prints of that would cost a fraction of this and aren’t nearly as big:

Background is hand cast paper I made with shredded US money in the pulp. Drawing is ink and marker... original is for sale :)
Because the part of the artwork you DON'T see is the body left for dead after getting knocked the f*#% out by uncle scroogie
This is the classic "rich people get blood on their hands" stuff (but the artist quoted "SUPREME" to sell the art piece, funny)
I want this so badly.

I'm not silly rich enough to drop that amount of cash on it though.

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