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August specials at the Key West Resort & Casino


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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
Free shipping on August 7, 2013

Any order placed on August 7, 2013, will receive free U.S. shipping. International orders will receive a discount equal to the cost of standard shipping to a U.S. address -- coast to coast. We'll be doing a free shipping day each month. Watch for it here on the Poker Chip Forum, and you can get your Key West purcahses shipped for free on that day.

Add dice to your order in August and get $2 back!

Any order placed in August which includes at least one pair of our professional casino dice will receive a $2 discount. (Limit: one discount per order shipped.)

Visit the Key West Resort & Casino on the web at: http://www,keywestresortcasino.com

To insure you get these discounts, e-mail any order to orders@keywestresortcasino.com. We'll send an invoice by return e-mail with your total due, minus the discounts!

Remember, Poker Chip Forum registered members are also members of the Key West's "Key Club," where you'll find special offers, monthly contests for cash prizes, and access to a club "preferred customer" page with discounts on casino chips, playing cards, chip racks and storage, roulette and craps items, books and more!

The Key West Resort & Casino offers real clay casino chips by ASM, quality playing cards, dealer buttons and other casino items for your home game room or card table, all featuring the logo of the fictional Key West Resort & Casino. Our site also has information pages, videos on how to play and deal blackjack, "Roberts Rules of Poker," and a casino games practice page where you can play blackjack, roulette or slots for free with no sign-ups or fees.

Stop by the Key West when you're done here on the Poker Chip Forum!
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Mar 23, 2013
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Thanks for the great deals Dennis!
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