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Nov 4, 2014
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200 Lucky Derby $20 chips- Well used to used

These were bought from the recent Chip Room sale. Most or all of these chips are in well used condition. The hotstamps on just about all of these chips are gone or discolored. Some may have slight warping and nicks but I'll throw a couple extra chips in on top of the 200. IMG_20150121_185107.jpgIMG_20150121_185132.jpgIMG_20150121_184712.jpg

39 Lucky Derby $5 Paulson 3-SPOT chips- Well used

Also bought from the same sale. Most of the Lucky Derby $5 chips had 4 edge spots but these have 3. I think they were in play before the 4-spots were. There's no hotstamp visible on almost all of these. These are really well used and have a pretty brittle feel to them.

64 Lucky Derby $3 chips with nicks, damage, faded hotstamps
All have damage of some sort, with nicks, faded hotstamps or both. Assume every chip has one or more nicks like the ones visible.

I'll put up pictures soon. Feel free to make an offer on these, but what I'm really after are some $25 Stardust Poker Mansion cash chips. I have $2, $3 and $100 chips from the Lucky Derby in various condition as well, with the $1 and $5 mostly in no better than used condition.

More to come below with any interest including 4 racks of LD $1s, 200 $2s with mostly good condition hotstamps, 200 $3s with mostly good condition hotstamps, rack of $5s, rack of used $100 with visible hotstamps and a few barrels of brand new $100s.
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Do you have any stardust cash chips to sell or trade? Looking for 5's
For sale no, for trade... do you have any Stardust $25s? Those are the only chips I'm after for now.
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