SOLD ASM Solids "The Vascoly's" - huge custom set

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Apr 28, 2020
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Schongau, Germany
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As I have plans for a new custom set due to the birth of my first son (see also, I need some space (and budget) so I decided to let this set go (or my wife decided for me :x)

Custom ASM (now CPC) solid set on the hourglass mold (around 2009/2010).

The chips are in very good condition and have not seen much play. My homegame loved to play with big stacks, so the breakdown may not seem 100% great for everyone:

quantity - denom - color:
115 - 5 - mandarin red
125 - 25 - Imperial blue
100 - 100 - DG pink
105 - 500 - DG green
140 - 1000 - DG yellow
100 - 5000 - DG Arc Yellow
15 - grey - NCV (for bounty chip e.g.)

Of course I'd like to sell all to one person, but would split (of all/nearly all chips are accounted for) - but also if you are interested in only part of the set, feel free to conatct me.

Price: I think around 80$ for one rack are a reasonable price (please lecture me, if I am wrong) - so total price would be 550$ (shipped from Germany, shipping costs depending on destination, but I will cover 50% of the shipping costs).

To me it is more important that another "chipper" gets happy with this great set, so all offers are also welcome ( I am pretty sure, we will come to an agreement) :cool:D





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