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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
This afternoon, I sent an e-mail to Red Ott, owner of American Standard Molding, asking for information about when the new Key West $1 chips would be made.

Red's response was very brief. He said that ASM has been sold and is closed. He said the new owners will reopen in four months using the existing website.

I've heard a lot in the past few months about the possible or eventual sale of ASM, and who the most likely buyers would be in any sale of the company. I'm hopeful that the new owner is someone with vast experience in this profession who intends to make good chips. I hope to be making Key West chips with the new owner for a long time.
OH My! I hope the best for you Dennis. Get in contact with the new owners ASAP!
If the new owner is who I think it is I bet you'll be ok. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it all works out and you get the rest of the chips from your order!
Thank you both. If we're right, this will all work out fine, and is for the best.

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