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SOLD Aria $1s, $3s & Sundance $5s for sale (1 Viewer)

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Apr 7, 2021
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Given the stronger USD and weaker GBP I'm giving this another go. Happy to sell some chips I'm not really using.

Listed as what I paid for the chips. Not desperate to sell but happy to consider offers if close to the listing price. For full disclosure I'm not a regular seller so don't really know what extra customs duty etc. gets applied to orders.

Prices listed in GBP. Need to be paid in GBP. I've tried to estimate USD equiv. but my guesses might not be accurate. The PayPal numbers will be the real numbers.

Happy to sell to anywhere ( I think postage is roughly c.£7 per 100 chips in the UK or c.£15 per 100 chips to the EU or USA). I've included postage for free in the prices below in the spirit of community, but will need to factor in if offers are below listed price.

Let me know if any interest! Cheers

- Aria $1s x 200 chips = £220 (expect c.$240 after PayPal adjustment?)
- Aria $3s x 100 chips = £260 (expect c.$290 after PayPal adjustment?)
- Sundance $5s x 40 chips = £120 (expect c.$135 after PayPal adjustment?)

25-Oct-2022 - Arias and Sundance.png
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