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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
April "Post and Win" Contest

If you visit the Key West Resort & Casino, let us know! Post a comment in our guestbook for your chance to win a $5 Starbucks gift card on May 1.

When you post comments, you have to enter your name and e-mail address. These are not published and won't appear with your comment. Just sign your comment with whatever screen name you'd like to use by putting it last in the comment box. We receive comments at the casino office and post the comments on the page.

April VIP Club Contest

Answer our April contest question for your chance to win a $25 prize package of Key West items on May 1. (Winners may elect to take cash, merchandise or casino credit toward a future purchase.)

The question: According to "Robert's Rules of Poker," how long must a fresh deck of cards be played before it's replaced, assuming there are no flaws discovered?

Know the answer? (If not, you can find "Robert's Rules..." at the Key West under "Play!") Send your answer to dennis at dennis@keywestresortcasino.com. One winner will be selected at random on May 1 to win the prize.

Your prize, your way!

At the Key West Resort & Casino, you can enter every contest. Winning one doesn't bar you from entering others. (Pardon the slot machine pun.)

When you win, you can take your prize, delivered free to you, or its value in cash by check or paypal, or keep your winnings "on account" at the casino to use in a future purchase. The value of a Starbucks gift card won can be transferred to the winner's card if they so choose.

How we select a winner

You never need to buy anything to win.

Every entry is assinged a specific card value (for example, the first person to enter a contest is assigned the "ace of diamonds." At noon Eastern Daylight time on the drawing day, a deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled, and the first card dawn is the winner. (If fewer than 52 people enter, the first card assigned to an entry is the winner.) We will notify the winner by e-mail that afternoon.

If we get more than 52 entries to any one contest, we'll come up with something new.

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