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Jan 10, 2014
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Like some examples here, I am hoping to label some chips for my Terrible's set. I have to find someone to print the labels but first I have to find chips to label! I found some hot stamped chips that would do, but not sure if the label will stay on the chip or if the embossing of the hot stamp will show through the labels? Thick paper lables may cover up the hot stamp, but I have to use vinyl labels (thinner), so it's a concern.
Any experience with this?
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I have relabeled hot stamped chips but I removed the hot stamp by using a 7/8" bottom cleaning router bit in a drill press to make a smooth surface for the label.

That at said, the hot stamped chips I used were Hat & Cane mold where Terrible's are on the RHC mold. Different sized inlays. When I relabel RHCs, I find a chip I like with a light background and apply the label right over the existing inlay.

Depends on how worn the hotstamp is. If it's really worn you shouldn't have any problem (other than the chips themselves likely being in pretty used shape).

If the hotstamp is in good condition (like the example above) the label might still adhere to the chip but the results might be less than ideal.

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