Any Tuesday, Wednesday orThursday games in Mid Atlantic? Sept. 22-24?


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Dec 9, 2014
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Rocky Mountain High
I just learned that I will be given some leave time from my job in Saudi to attend a school function for my kid who is in high school at Mercersburg, PA. I would get to IAD in the afternoon of Sept. 22 and am willing to drive to meet up with any PCF members interested in fleecing a new donkey or selling me their high denom Terrible's (who might that be?)

Southern PA, Northern VA, all of Delaware, Maryland, and NJ/NYC area is within my range. It is rare for me to get this opportunity to see my kid during this leave and he can't get away until the weekend. That makes me an unchaperoned card player until Friday morning. :) I could play the following Monday Night as well, then Tuesday morning it is straight to Dulles. I'd rather play with some of you than go to a casino. Let me know.
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