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Mar 23, 2020
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Hello! New to the forum and was wondering if anyone hosts some local games. I typically play online, but really enjoy the atmosphere of hanging out with some good company. I'm in vancouver and once things blow over with the covid scare hoping to play some poker! If you do host, please give some info on the stakes, rake, dealer etc. Thanks!

I do run games, but I'm in Mission. I'd be more than delighted to have you though, if you can stomach the drive. It's a monthly tournament game and I'm hoping to add a cash game as I get more interested players. I get players from as far as Aldergrove and sometimes Langley!

@grantc54 runs a game in Langley as well. Lots of fun. I'm a regular there.

There is also @T_Chan who runs the Poco Runner Runner club. There is @Mesnik44 , he runs the Hitmen Poker club.

Lots of action all around man! Welcome anytime. Even here and there. I don't require committment or anything. Just your money;)
Tons of local chippers here, some (but not all) are running their own home games (when we can play live). See Jeevansluck's suggestions for hosts.

I'm running an online cash and tournament game (on the Poker Mavens platform) each weekend until live play resumes. PM me if you are interested.

A partial list of PCFers in the vicinity (including Fraser Valley):

@khaltire (may be inactive)

I'm missing several - search for Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler, Langley, etc.

I'm also hoping to host live games once we can play together again. Cash games ranging from .05/.10 through 25/.25 to .25/.50, Tournaments with $20-$40 entry cost, rotating self deal, no rake or fees on any games.

I'm in Chilliwack, which is actually about the same distance/time from Vancouver as Jeevansluck's game in Mission (which I play in and love). Takes about 45 minutes from the Port Mann Bridge, assuming no traffic jams.
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@PerfectAce you are welcome to play in our game in Chilliwack after the apocalypse is over but I expect you can find closer options further West.


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