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Aug 11, 2017
Chatham, ON Canada
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So with the holidays soon approaching and with the recent bad faith, bad blood or even bad bashing threads I’ve noticed (scams, etc); I’d like to try and attempt to restore some faith in all the members here and begin a “Pay It Forward” thread. Ive interacted with so many good people out there and believe this forum is filled with many great people and this common sickness we all share. ;)

I’m willing to start this act of PAYING IT FORWARD by sending out some goodies; a poker related gift and cover the shipping to any other member who’s willing to do the same. Should be something of value and worth to another; but something you no longer need or use. There is no limit to the gift and the sky’s the limit on what could be sent. I’m sure we all have something we could part with to PAY IT FORWARD to another. I just hope we can all do the same.

I’m willing to start this off and “Pay It Forward” to another member who is willing to participate. By adding to the thread you are willing to accept this challange and agree to do the same to the next member and so on. Please PM the member to make the arrangements to mail the gift. Shipping should be covered as well as you are “Paying It Forward” remember. ;)

I’m very curious to see how this goes and even more curious to see what sort of testimony’s and stories can unfold. I’m excited to see some of the gifts and feel free to post photo of what’s been received. I hope that maybe one day I’ll see the act of “Paying if Forward” cycle back to me but who knows where this will lead. ;)

All the best to everyone out there. Please do not just recycle the same gift. Remember that gift was given to you by another. I hope that everyone offers the same courtesy and offers something of their own to someone else.

Should be fun. Definately interesting.

Update—- the chain has begun, as I mentioned you pay it forward to the next person in the thread. Please remember to PM one another. I look forward to the testimonials and photos. You should leave them by replying to the person you’ve Paid It Forward too.
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