Any advice on how to get rid of the grime? (1 Viewer)


Feb 29, 2020
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Anyone has any suggestions for me to get rid of the black-ish grime on the edges of the chips? Seems to be a huge problem for my Horseshoe Cincinnati $5s (did not have the same problem with $1s)

I cleaned it by soaking it in warm water with a few drops of mild dish-washing liquid, then used a tooth brush to scrub the chip. The face of the chip is pretty clean already but I can't seem to get rid of the black stuff on the edges. When oiling the chips after washing, I noticed a lot of dirt coming off the chip as well (did not happen for the $1s either). Already much better than before but I hope to get it all off.

I will not be afraid to use more extreme cleaning methods to cleanse the chip. It is a used chip anyway. I will be trying magic eraser on the edges when it comes.

Sadly I do not own an ultrasonic so that's out of the question.

Will appreciate any advice and suggestions on how to clean it, and whether magic eraser will actually work on the chip. Thanks!

Thanks for all the advice! Followed the cleaning in the youtube video but I do not have any oxiclean unfortunately.

Electric toothbrush and tooth paste. Worked for me.
I realise that today is April Fool's so I hope you're not trolling me or anything :ROFL: :ROFLMAO: I might try it on a barrel soon to see how it goes

I will also try the TSP if melamine sponge and toothpaste don't work out.
Tsp takes all elbow great out and dissolves the grime without harming the chips. It's like magic. Only safe on paulson chips tho. CPC chips dissolve in It.
I use a toothbrush for the gunk, but I'm rarely cleaning more than a barrel at a time.

The odd taste left on the toothbrush goes away after a few days, but I imagine cleaning a rack or two the flavor would linger much longer.
I can safely say that you're trolling me now haha good one ;) nobody who can afford Paulsons cannot afford to buy an extra toothbrush!
Magic eraser really does a lot a toothbrush and soap couldn't do for me.

I have had a few chippies with black goop/grime on the edges that would not be cleaned until I scrubbed the MELAMINE sponge pads on there.

Before magic Eraser...and after toothbrush and Dawn..

After magic Eraser...

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