Another new guy from Singapore (and Lucky Dragon chips!)


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Mar 4, 2021
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Hey all, been lurking around past couple months looking for my first "serious" chip set. I ended up buying a set of 300 Sun-Fly Lucky Dragons because of the design and colors.
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My regular group prefers non-denominated chips so we can change them depending on how much we want to play for. We also grew used to playing with certain colors, which explains our color choices. Our set of 500 "dice" chips was regularly used for >10 years, and we knew we wanted a smaller, lighter, more portable set. Starting stacks are 10/10/5/5 (10x [0.5], 10x [2], 5x [5], 5x [10]) for usual 0.5/1 cash games. Not a lot of chips on the table, so 300 is perfect for our needs and budget.
The chips mostly have a matte texture, but the sides are glossy/slippery, making some chip tricks (like butterfly) bit hard to pull off. The print isn't as sharp as I'd hoped, and it wasn't as colorful either (photos are actually more colorful than rl), but are within expectations. They have a nice "clinky" sound to them, and are very flat. After shuffling them for about a week, they started becoming buttery smooth. Feels a bit weird not having some "resistance" since I'm used to shuffling dice chips.
Took a few attempts to do this.

A lot of back and forth emails from Susie@Sun-Fly to confirm my semi-custom order. Really excellent service. Shipping was pricey as expected (almost 1/3 total cost), though the chips literally arrived a day after it was shipped. Overall, I really like the chips. I have a stack of 10 on my desk which I shuffle every day. Hoping it will see much use in the years to come.
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