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Feb 12, 2020
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Troy, Mi
I wanted to say hello to everyone officially! I did not see this forum thread before and i ended up skipping right over it. I am 35 now and got into poker while i was in Middle school. I grew up playing 5 card draw and french poker until the poker boom happened and that's when i was introduced to Texas hold em. I've played at the casinos around metro detroit but mostly cash games, very little tournament play outside of home games. I really enjoy the info and community this page has created. I always wondered if there were people as crazy as i am for poker chips, now i found a bunch of crazy people just like me!

Thank you again for all the info and knowledge, I have just restarted my poker chip journey

I host monthly in ypsilanti.

Welcome!!! Theres a good bunch of locals in your area, you can try reaching out to broaden your games!!!
Welcome! Another local here. There is a good home game presence in the SE MI area!

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