Another Apache Case Thread - 1700 Royals in a 5800, 1100 Paulsons in a 4800


Jul 10, 2019
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I've seen a few threads where members were wondering which Apache case was best for Royal (43mm) chips, and others where members were discussing how many 39mm chips could fit in a 4800 case.

So my experience is that I can snugly fit 17 racks of 43mm Royals into an Apache 5800 case:



5 rows are stacked 3 levels high, and 1 row is stacked 2 levels high. The chips are at the perfect height so that the foam layer on the lid applies enough pressure to keep them in place without the need for an extra rack placed upside down over the top level of chips (I place a layer of paper over the chips to avoid contact and possible color transfer between the foam and the chips).

The left most row cannot take 3 levels due to the placement of the wheels on the lower (left) edge of the case, so 1800 chips would not work. There is room for dealer buttons on the right, but not enough room for cards or other accessories. The whole thing weighs a whopping 60 lbs, so the wheels on the 5800 are an absolute necessity. There isn't a whole lot of padding on any of the edges, so this wouldn't be recommended for a cross country bus ride or abuse by airport baggage handlers, but for carrying in your car or a relatively secure and dust/water resistant home storage solution, it seems to fit the bill.

Next up is the 4800, which I fit 11 racks of 39mm Paulsons into, with a bit of room to spare:



The 4800 isn't as tall (only can stack 2 levels high) or as wide (only can fit 5 layers side by side) as the 5800, but is a little bit larger from front to back, allowing for an extra rack or two at the front, along with extra space for buttons, cards, etc. I fit my 1100 piece Cash Set of Horseshoe Clevelands (including Gear labelled .05 and .25 solid fracs) in there, but my front layer is only one level deep, so you could probably fit 1200 chips if you tried. The chips sit a bit lower in the case, so I used empty racks placed upside down on the top layer to keep the chips from getting scattered inside the case during transport.

The whole thing weighs in at 36 pounds, not enough that you can't carry it, but enough that you would't want to carry it a long distance. Once again there isn't a ton of padding at the front of the case, but there is more padding at the sides and at the rear. I do notice that the racks are fairly snug, so I may remove another row of foam to give the chips a tiny bit more elbow room.

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May 19, 2021
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Does anyone have a recommendation for which apache/pelican case would work best for 500-600 royal card room 43mm chips?

I dont want one that's too big but obviously need to make sure it holds all 500-600. (In process of ordering very soon). Thank you in advance!
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