Animal House - the newly renovated poker room is now complete with the arrival of the new table. (1 Viewer)


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Jan 23, 2020
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Well, the Animal House team officially has a new member. In past posts, I have given shout outs to the people who have help make the animal house a special poker room. @p5woody - with masterful animal house chip label designs, @Gear - with awesome labels, @BR Pro Poker - with the awesome dealer buttons, @alecnetwoodworks - with his awesome custom chip box, and now @1enick72 from Big Slik poker tables (with the assistance of @Johnny5 for the felt and light channel design) - with an awesome creation that has really brought the newly renovated poker room to life in spectacular fashion. This table is truly a work of art. I know there are other table makers in this forum that are really talented, but Eric is definitely right up there with the best of them. Not only is his work spectacular, but he was very flexible and accommodating with all of my wants, needs and changes. This is a beast of a table - 100” long and 48” wide. The light channel turned out better than I could imagine. The detail on the lion’s head is awesome. It was truly a pleasure to work with Eric. 5 star rating IMO. With the arrival of the poker table, the newly renovated Animal House poker room is finally done. Now, on to the Pr0n…….
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Love the room, looks great. Glad to have been part of the process.

Man oh man you did a great job with your room! Congrats on it turning out so well. :)
I edited the OP to add @Johnny5 to team animal house (he worked with Eric on the felt and light channel design). A big thank you to the entire team! All of your work is much appreciated!
Classic design, looks great. How do you like the CF vinyl? I've never worked with that stuff before.
Classic design, looks great. How do you like the CF vinyl? I've never worked with that stuff before.
I really like it a lot. I have a friend who used the same CF vinyl. It’s very nice. Can’t wait to host!
In case anyone wants to know, I got a few upgrades that you can’t see:

1. I made the table base 1.25” thick instead of the usual .75” thick. Very sturdy and stable. No bending when leaned on.
2. I got the rechargeable battery for the lights. It’s attached by Velcro to the bottom of the table. No cord running to the table. After the game I can simply detach it and recharge it.
3. I upgraded to the casino grade aluminum chip tray then had it powder coated black. Not only to match the table but it’s a little less abrasive on the chips.
4. This table is 100” long and 48” wide. It will seat 9 players plus a dealer very comfortably.

If anyone has any questions about the table or the process, feel free to PM me.
Beast of a table, came out great, congrats! Love the final felt design. You should get little gazelle figurines and hand one to a random player player each PLO poker night. "You're next!"
I love this setup! Congrats on the table. The attention to detail is evident. Also, those chairs are REALLY going to make the night pleasant.

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