Andy's Palace, Toys for Tots Christmas game! Edition No. 5!! Denver Metro Area, December 3rd!! (1 Viewer)

Sorry, it took a few days to get this posted, but I don’t really do anything fast with a toddler nowadays.
We had another great event! I was really happy that we could bring this back, as it was my favorite game to host, pre-pandemic.
I had a great time, and many others that I spoke with said the same!

It’s always good to see old friends from here!
@slisk250 @Kyle @nitzilla @podunkeric and @One Eyed Dollar , always great to see you guys, and play some cards! Congrats, to Mike for making a deep run, and finishing 2nd!

I had a good time meeting newer members @inapinch and @HughDrackman ! Sorry I couldn’t spend more time talking with you guys, but I was running around a little. Looking forward to seeing you at future Denver area games!

Finally, the most important part! We raised a table full of toys, and $230 for Toys for Tots! Thanks again, everyone for coming out, and giving kids that normally wouldn’t have anything, a wonderful Christmas morning!
Happy Holidays to you and yours, and a great and prosperous 2023!!

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