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Feb 9, 2016
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Collegeville, PA
Over the past year or so, my chip passion has shifted towards custom sets that are meaningful to me. I love my wife, my dogs, ducks, and ceramic chips. Did a few sets with ducks and dogs, now shifting to my wife (she loves the prioritization).

Chips: 43mm/25mm hybrid ceramics from @SUN-FLY Poker Chips.

Inspiration: Olivia's Poker Hall (label design and $1/$5/$25).

Support: I sought help from designer extraordinaire, @p5woody, along with @colter ripton for his excellent perspective. Amanda herself also weighed in on certain denoms.

Quantities: A healthy set, as always

1.) HB005A (43mm/25mm - FULLY ALIGNED)
25c x 420
$1 x 820
$5 x 1220
$25 x 420
$100 x 120

Total HB005A Count = 3000
2.) RB008 (60mm - UNALIGNED)
"DEALER" x 10
Total Pieces = 3010

: Chips are here!

Amanda-43mm- chips-2.png

3d -43-7.png


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Ummm woah. There’s some of sun flys that look cool, but I’ve never thought of really going that direction before.

Why aren’t they all these vibrant!? Very cool, awesome that she also had some input.
Congrats, Megaton! I’m sure your wife will spend many years fleecing her friends out of their hard-earned shoes with this set.

Given how popular Olivia’s is with some folks, I’m a mite surprised we haven’t seen something like this sooner from the community.
Does that mean Amanda is going to be joining the rest of us in the basement soon? She truly is an amazing host and extremely nice to everyone and she doesn't even play cards! If anyone can make this trip for a quarterly meet up of PCF members, I highly reccomend it! New chips are off the hook as always brutha man!! Hiping maybe next year you finally do a fresh prince of bel air set!! Lol
Thanks for the kind words all! Truly appreciate the support.

@Psypher1000 - agreed on the Olivia's tribute. Surprised it hasn't been done yet given the following.

@abby99 - Yes, it's Louboutins. It was actually my idea to swap out the gloves because my wife loves those shoes. The heels also make the shape of "M", for Manda (what I usually call my wife), but that was purely unintentional.

@Klobberer - can't imagine Amanda playing poker in $800 shoes, but I've seen her do some wild shit. And it is $25, not $20 to align with the inspiration set

Thanks again!

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