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Aug 4, 2015
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Fredericksburg, VA
All right my peeps...getting ready for next year. Basically I'm going to start filling slots based on last year's peeps. Let me know as soon as you can if you are in or out. As people move in or out, I will move others up the list from air mattress to room, etc. The meetup will be Wednesday May 25th, 2022 through Sunday May 29th...let me know if you are interested.

I'm going to do 2 tournaments this year. 1 hold em tournament on Friday and 1 mixed game tournament on Saturday.

This is the list from last year and the following people have priority, but if you need a place to stay, hit me up and I will work something out. I have tons of space for people to crash, and would love to accommodate as many people as possible. Hotel accommodations are also provided below. Please either confirm you are in or out when you can. Thank you!!
  1. 2022: @detroitdad , has a room
  2. 2022: @Ben8257 and @FordPickup92, have a room
  3. 2022: @Rbonus012, has a room
  4. 2022: @JustDave
  5. @arch3r
  6. 2022: @grebe [Free Option]
  7. 2022: @Thisfiendis138
  8. @Goldfish
  9. 2022: @Eazy
  10. 2022: Air mattress: @joeyshin
  11. 2022: Air mattress: @p5woody
  12. 2022: Air mattress: @Cliff
  13. @AWenger
  14. 2022: @JRald07
  15. 2022: @moechar (maybe)
  16. 2022: @ekricket and @travelgirl
  17. 2022: @BamaT8ter (maybe)
  18. 2022: @Mrrhjr
  19. 2022: @BigDev (Maybe)
  20. 2022: @Greenackers22
I will update the schedule as we get closer and I get a better idea of when people are interested in arriving.

Looking forward to a GREAT time my friends!!

AIRPORT: I recommend flying in to Richmond International airport. It's about the same distance to my house as Reagan National, but you don't have to deal with DC traffic, which can be brutal. Link to the Airport:

HOTELS. For those anybody not flopping at my house, below are local hotels that are within 15 minutes of my house. Hotels are listed in the order of preference that I would chose:

  • Wednesday (5/25): Bourbon, beer, and friends by the water, fire pit, and anything else that moves us. People will be flying in. I will have pizza and alcohol so we can chill...have a few drinks...and toss some cards if the mood arises. Laid back night for shaking off some jet lag and just hanging with new and old friends.
  • Thursday (5/26):
    • Heading to downtown Fred at 12pmish for lunch and beers at Sedona's.
    • Doors open at Seeking Alpha at 4pm.
    • 1 table will be .50 / $1 NLHE
    • Other tables (up to 4 total) will be circus games. I will let @Lil Tuna and others who are much better at circus games run those tables because I suck at them.
  • Friday (5/27): Doors open at noon.
    • I am smoking some pulled pork, so I will have BBQ ready starting at noon. Come on over; fill up...and we will start tossing cards when everybody is full and ready to roll.
    • We will kick off the evening with a 2pm hold em tournament followed by cash games.
    • 1 table will be .50 / $1 NLHE
    • Other tables (up to 4 total) will be circus games. I will let @Lil Tuna and others who are much better at circus games run those tables because I suck at them.
  • Saturday (5/29): Doors open at noon.
    • High Roller mixed game Tournament kicks off at 2pm
    • Beer, Burgers and dogs will be available starting at noon.
    • Cash games follow for those of us that suck at tournaments :)
      • 1 Table = .50 / $1 NLHE
      • Up to 3 tables = mixed circus games.
I will award 2 "Alpha" bracelets. 1 will be for the mixed game tournament and 1 will be for the hold em tournament.
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Straight Flush
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Jul 27, 2019
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One of these years I'll make the trip and carpool with @Irish but not when my kids are so small. Have a blast!


Nov 3, 2019
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Richmond, VA
Usually in SC with family for memorial day, but could potentially make it early in the week and bail on Friday


Full House
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Jan 23, 2020
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As last years bracelet winner, I plan on attending. If there is a room in the house available, that would be great. That way you all may be able to witness a drunk goldfish. But be warned, I play my best poker when I am drunk……..
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