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Oct 2, 2013
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To all that I met for the first time and those that I already know, it was a pleasure and a privilege to spend the weekend with you all. A truly spectacular meet-up, I offer my heartfelt my thanks to all of the organizers. Your efforts are appreciated...a job well done! See y’all soon.


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Oct 28, 2014
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Florida Gulf Coast
Thanks to all the event organizers - y'all did an awesome job. It was great meeting new chippers and reconnecting with my friends. Lots of highlights to list:

* Thanks to @CraigT78 for organizing the Wednesday warm-up at The Windy Crest - you have a fun group of locals. I missed out on the BBQ and peach cobbler at Dr. Strange's Poker Emporium, but I had awesome beer and a cup of weenies at the Windy Crest :ROFL: :ROFLMAO: I hope to see you again next month in Dallas (9/20) if I can get away for the evening.

* Thanks to @DrStrange for your tireless and accurate banking duties and for chopping a room with me - I hope I didn't snore too loud.

* Thanks to @TheBigTater for chauffeuring me from Dallas to San Antonio when my plans changed and I had to take care of my mom in Dallas. She is doing better and I appreciate the ride and your company along the way. Sorry we couldn't re-enact the final 3 from 2017.

* My friend @inca911 beating me once again with a royal flush in San Antonio - what are the odds of that o_O The inadvertent mucking in no way changes the outcome in my opinion (but it was funny) - nice hand :tup: Thanks for dealing all the time too - much appreciated - and thanks for listening when I needed to talk - it helped a lot. I will eventually win OFCP :unsure:

* My interaction with Dr Strange's friend Ardis - I noticed her tendency to overbet, so I slow played AA in the small blind and she raised from the big blind. The flop was Jack high and I check called her bet. The turn paired the low board card and I check raised her turn bet which she called. The river made a straight and flush possible, so we both checked. She showed her cards and said top 2, and I said I beg to differ and showed my AA. She shrugged and rubbed my head "for luck" :cautious: @CraigT78 almost spewed his beer when I told her there were luckier spots to rub :p

* Thanks to @AK Chip for coming in 3rd again ;) You may not have won the tourney, but you were consistently stacking chips in the cash games. I'm looking forward to taking you to the Lightning/Flyers game in Florida.

* Sharing a huge plate of meat at Pete's Takos with @detroitdad - awesome fajitas. It's always fun playing poker with you Bill :)

* @mooremo I was just kidding about a Marky Mark final two, but danged if it didnt happen o_O Congrats on the 2nd place finish.

* @David O poker sorry - you had a bad run of cards :oops: but it was great to see you happy with your girlfriend :D

* @Jackstraw congrats on cashing in the tourney - I hope to meet up with you in Las Vegas sometime

* @ekricket and @travelgirl I'm glad you two are regulars - you are always lots of fun and solid players too - plan on coming to Florida for the Melee - I will make room somehow. I look forward to the Affair at Angel Fire sometime next year :nailbite:

To everyone else, thanks for taking the time to attend and providing everything from local craft beers, Texas coins, and Yellowbird Hot Sauce to smoked nuts and ice cream sandwiches. Everyone's generosity is amazing and truly makes these events special. I hope to see you at a future meet-up.

And finally, I'll just leave these right here :cool



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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
Ardis sent this poem for us . . . She had a really good time.

Luck is the name of our game, strategy is the secret to our fame

Give us the bounty chips that’s what we want to hear, But don’t expect anyone at the table to cheer

We’ve made some bad calls that’s for sure, but it makes the other players not know the next game if our mistakes have been cured

Don’t lead us into traps, it’s just not nice, but it seems some poker players’ blood is as cold as ice

The next time I play be a little surprised don’t laugh at my raises just let me win and give me praises!

Hugs you guys,

Ardis Barnett


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Apr 13, 2015
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Minneapolis, MN
Damn, that was a lot of fun! To those who haven't yet made it to a meetup, I highly recommend giving it a try. You won't be disappointed: great organizers, tons of fun players, good food, and amazing chips too. Some memorable highlights, and I'm definitely missing a lot:
  • Meeting a bunch of new players, and seeing the game evolution take hold. I'm pretty sure @Darson is now a Draw2Maha addict, on top of his minor "Hot Sauce" dependency.
  • The generosity of the Taco Cartel, sponsoring Friday's dinner. Thanks to all who chipped in for Pete's Takos...TASTY!
  • Seeing K9 dip his toes back into the OFCP pool for a bit. Always great to play with you, even if you are a dangerous degenerate! Playing 11 card Fink (with an ocean) to round off our change might be a new tradition.
  • Super fun to play with David O, his brother, and his semi-pro son. A true poker family, looking good, my friend!
  • "Slow Rolling Kev": the man, the myth, the accidental winner of multiple hands he was too embarrassed to showdown right away. LOL
  • It's always a real pleasure to connect with Larry and DanA at any table. Unfortunately there just isn't enough time to play with everyone as much as I would like. A fine pair of chippers both, who rumor has it hadn't met until this meetup. Feels like a great wrong has now been corrected, if that was indeed the case.
  • Great to meet many new players like Brandon and Erik. Along with familiar faces like BillB, Scott, BillD, and Craig. I wish people lived closer so we could do this every month. It's not fair to only see you all a couple times each year. Looking forward to the next time.
  • I loved seeing so many from the mini-Alaska crew at the meetup, along with the mini-Iceland reunion too. So great to hang out with Mark, Pat, Kevin, Elizabeth, David, and Tater. Crazy that I've played more poker outside the continental US with many of these folks vs. some locals!
  • For those I didn't get get to know at this one, it's definitely my loss. But you can usually find me at a meetup table near you!
  • As the meetup waned in the early hours of Sunday morning, I was frequently dealing cards to imaginary players. By the end, if there was anything that looked like a chip stack, it got cards. We starting dedicated those hands to those we hadn't seen in a while, or those who are no longer with us, like Jerry. The final hand of the meetup was a scarney hand where everyone put in their extra chips. The winner would get all the rounding chips, unless the ghost hand "dealt for the homies no longer with us" beat the hand. If that happened, the meetup host would win the pot. Naturally, homie ended up scooping the pot to close the doors. As ScottyN would say: it was meant to be, baby.
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