AK, 600bb deep


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Jun 14, 2020
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Little Rock, AR
Right, only 2-3%! But I think for maybe shoveling in 600bbs pre I want every little bit extra I can get!

Edit: plus, if trying to build out a range in this spot, I like the symmetry of having AA, KK, and four combos of AK suited. Maybe we need more bluffs and more value like QQ (someone that knows range construction better than me would have to weigh in), but I don't hate a 3:1 value-to-bluff ratio here.
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Feb 20, 2019
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Isn't AK suited like 2-3% better than AKo? Is that a big deal?

I’m not talking about equity when I say big difference.

I’m referring to constructing ranges.

AK suited is a for sure a raise while AK non suited can be flatted or raised. 600bb I’d probably flat, sometimes raise.

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Aug 16, 2017
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I think @JustinInMN's comments hit on why I was struggling with a 4bet size here. I'm all for a tricky exploit, but by passing on a standard 3bet spot we've put ourselves in an awkward position with a great pre-flop hand.

Taking the current stack sizes with the likelihood that everyone comes along to any 4bet that doesn't leave us with a gross flop SPR (I'm curious if there's any merit to us 4bet ripping, but (1) that seems v punty, (2) I can't imagine doing that unless our AK was suited, and (3) the fact that V3 is in the pot and covers us takes that off the table for me), I think I've come around on flatting and pair-mining, as passive as that seems with AK.
But AK is not a "great pre-flop hand" when playing 4 handed. And how often does flopping either an A or a K actually end up winning in a 4 way pot?
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