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May 14, 2015
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Hi sailors,

My name is Romain, I'm 36 and I'm a chipaholic.

My internet nickname has always been <°)))><), or Fiiiish, on the blue wall and on our French chipgeeks website www.pokerchipsfactory.fr
But to tell the truth, I'm more of a pirate than a fish. A couple lines down this post, you'll see what I mean.

I discovered poker at age 8 with my dad, and the family home game has been on ever since. We used to play Draw - the french way, which is no limit ;)
In 1999, after we watched Rounders, we switched to Hold'em… and never looked back.

In 2000 I made my first steps at the Aviation Club de France (ACF), the best card room you'll ever find. It was closed last year. I was soooo sad.
I very recently felt a little better when I was able, with a friend, to buy all of its chips (well, almost all of them, but anyway, that's a different story, I'll save it for another time, another pr0n).
There, I learned the pleasure of Dealer's choice poker. How nice! Hold'em, double hold'em, omaha, omaha 5, omaha hi/lo, omaha 5 hi/lo, courchevel, courchevel hi/lo, stud 7, stud 7 hi/lo, Razz… You name it, we would play it, and they were all pot limit. Yeah, even the Stud hi/lo. Best game ever to go broke with.

I've always been amazed by casino stuff. Even as a kid I couldn't stand playing with crappy chips. I dreamt of owning a billiard table or a roulette table.

Nothing changed. Since my first steps at the Aviation Club, I couldn't stop but looking for a playable set of Bourgogne & Grassetc chips. Impossible to find.
In 2001, I discovered America, travelling to NYC. I had to make a quick stop at Atlantic City, played at the Taj and bought my first Paulson set there, a Scandia / Isthmus 200 chips case I still own and cherish.
In 2008, I eventually was able to find my B&G set, the Dragonaras. I love those chips and will never part with them. They started my carreer as a chipgeek, I had many affairs since then, but they remain my beloved favorites.

My collection extended since then, I now own about 8000 chips.

Here's the design of my custom poker table, the "Cercle Pirate" (French for Pirate's Circle... As you might know French cardroom are most often called "circles").
I'll post more photos on a dedicated thread tomorrow.


I usually seldom comment on the posts, I just don't have much time, but I appreciate a lot reading all of you guys' posts.

I'll pr0n each set whenever I have a few minutes to set up a photoshoot.
On the last photo below, you'll have a teaser of some of the chips proudly sitting on my shelves.
Everything will posted on a dedicated thread.
Welcome - I have always loved that username - I almost stole it for a kayak fishing site I frequent :)
Damn I posted on the wrong section, I meant to write this in the Introduction section :/
welcome, Romain! my favorite username from CT makes his PCF appearance :)
Welcome aboard!

Dang, I should've stolen your username when I signed up!
Welcome welcome!
Welcome - I have always loved that username - I almost stole it for a kayak fishing site I frequent :)
So, I have a fishing kayak, rod and license, but I'm scared to combine them. Should I try to figure it out?
They are great for fishing the flats - snook, redfish, trout, etc - I have even seen videos of people tarpon and shark fishing from them
Welcome to PCF, glad to see another Chip-o-holic... May your wallet be empty and your CHIP racks be full..
Welcome. Looking forward to your thread.

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