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Aug 1, 2014
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Great White North
So after a lousy day at work in the heat I come home to the stink-eye look from the wife. "There's a package on the counter for you.."
I'm automatically in defence mode swearing up and down I haven't bought any chips lately...
So I open the package to find two MGM quarters that LabMonkey had won in a raffle. Without any heads up he just mailed them to me because he thought I could use them. I was speechless. I can't even put into words how blown away I am. Just stunned and greatful that somebody would perform such an act of kindness like this.
So thanks so much for the thought and time. I will add them to the ever growing collection I hope to have available for cash games VERY soon!

love stories like these. there are a few true chip angels in this community. i will have to add labmonkey to that list.
Thanks for the kind words, Steve. I wanted to repay you for the extra effort you put into my label project months back and also to pass along the favor that @Shaggy did in sending me a couple Lakeshore Inn chips to complete my racks. I've benefited greatly from this community and I'm happy to be able to give something back.
i agree, this is one of if not THE best\friendliest communities i've ever been a part of. Really hope i can get to a meet up sometime in the next year and meet some of you great people. And see some of your incredible chips! good people good poker win win!
yes a great place and community. Stocky just did a spur of the moment giveaway last week that I was lucky enough to win.

Just random acts of kindness on here make my day also

good work
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...And jbutler. Dooood sent me all kinds of swag just for the hell of it, including samples of his own ASM and BCC sets, which ain't cheap. Makes me wish I was a better person.

don't let gopher fool you - he paypaled me. against my will, mind you, but he did paypal me. i think i donated it to a basset hound rescue.

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