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Mar 8, 2014
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Phase lll at Del Boca Vista
I am looking to churn up some extra cash for some local animal rescue foundations and would like to accomplish this through poker.
I was thinking a cash game where I volunteer to deal the whole night and all tips would fun the fundraising effort. And maybe a small rake?
I like the idea of a tournament fundraiser but not too sure about going about that. Because its a set buy in and set cash out.
With the cash game the amount can vary and you give more as you win more.

your thoughts on how I could do something like this and also make sure people are comfortable with the % of giving as per stakes of the pots/game.

On the side of my poker table building business, I also offer rentals for charities and fundraisers. You have to think about the type of people you're going to be inviting to your event as well as what type of event you want to host.

Scenario 1. Poker tournament fundraiser. Your invites will be poker players who want to play in a large tournament. Rake is normally 50% which almost everyone is fine with knowing it's a fundraiser. The event should revolve around the tournament. You should have rebuys and add ons as a way to generate more funds as well as sell drinks and food, pizza is ideal as it's easy to sell by the slice. 50/50 tickets are a good idea too.

Scenario 2. Party with poker. Your invites will be anyone who wants to come to a fundraising event to party. There would be music, dancing, mingling, and side activities. Of course poker would be one of them, but you could also have blackjack and a prize wheel and other money making games. You can let people buy play money and move around the event during the night playing the games to accumulate more play money which they can cash in at the end of the night for prizes or raffle tickets. From the money you collect, you would retain a percentage to go towards the fundraiser. Of course you sell drinks and food again to raise more money. In this event, you could also do mini tournaments for poker and/or blackjack. 30 minute rounds where whoever has the most chips at the end wins.

In my experience, #2 usually has a much higher attendance rate than #1 but #1 generates much more money than #2. If you can manage to get a decent turnout of around 50 players with a buy in of $50 each, you're looking at $1250 towards the fundraiser right off the bat. On top of that, you can count on more money from rebuys, add ons as well as the drinks and food and 50/50 tickets.

In #2, though you will probably get a better turnout as you're not excluding any non-poker players, people don't usually spend as much money on the gambling. Cash buy ins are usually much smaller and anyone who isn't familiar with the game is usually reluctant to sit down with those who know the game. This is strange to me since I often see people buy in for $40-$150 in a tournament when almost zero poker knowledge to help support the fundraiser but would never do the same if it were a cash game.
Ah gotcha. If you're going to rake for the fundraiser, I'd rake the same as the local casinos. Players should be comfortable knowing that it's the same but instead of the money going into the casino's pocket, it's going to a charity.
I've run a few successful poker fundraisers. One option that I used a couple times, rather than a rake, was that a percentage of the buy in went to the charity. For instance, buy in for $100, get $80 in chips. Also recommend some other "fun" activities, such as 50/50. For one of mine I got a local jeweler to donate a very nice watch for a prize, so that could be another option for you. Best of luck. Animal rescue is a wonderful cause.
I would do a rebuy tourney where 100% of the buyin goes to the prize pool. Set the rebuys low, like 50% of the initial buyin. eg buyin $20, rebuys $10, but 50% of the rebuys go to the charity.
ok thanks for the ideas guys

and and HUGE thanks to member 'Kerami' who bought my ASM Huron Poker set and also gave an extra $30 towards my fundraising game coming up :) Heck of a guy!
I will make sure the animal aide foundation gets your $. Help with fixing stray animals, food, litter and finding foster/permanent homes.
I am hosting the charity game this Sat night. I will be dealing all night for optional tips and all will go to
Not the best turn out so far - only 5 yes' and 10 maybes right now. Hopefully most of the maybes turn into yes' by then.
Ok, just wrapped up charity cash game night. Was able to bring in a total of $150.
Money will go to a grassroots local cat adoption/fostering agency. Should help with some vet costs and such

Only 1 table in action though :( was hoping for 2
Congrats Spike. Hopefully your players had fun, and maybe you could make it an annual event or something.

It's a great first step. The next one will be bigger and better I'm sure.
If it were me, I'd do a tournament with a 25% rake of all buy ins/add ons going to charity. After the tournament, run a cash game with a small rake going to the charity as well. If you announce times for both you will get the players who want to play in one of the games showing up when they want. Presale the seats at the tourney be offering 20% more chips in their starting stack for an early payment.
Hmmm... Raking the buy-ins is much easier than raking the pot, but when the pot rake is for charity, people probably don't care if the raking isn't accurate.

Having the pot raked is an incentive to play longer... the longer you play, the more you donate!

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