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Feb 25, 2014
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Context: Having a fantasy draft this coming Saturday, league has been running 10 or so years, have people coming in from out of town to play. So we figured we would make a whole day outta this and golf in the morning before the draft. We have 8 golfers attending, 2 4some tee-times. We are all very different skill levels but no one has an idea of their handicap because most of us have been playing for only a few years.

We came to the conclusion for the 8 golfers that we would do our best to rank so we could make teams.

1. player a - shoots around 80-85

2. player b - shoots in the 90s

3. player c

player d all shoot around 105 (c, d, e)

player e

4. player f - shoots around 110

5. player g - shoots around 115

6. player h - very new, his best score of the summer is a 120

Here is my original plan, but I want to know if there are any better ways to do this.

player a and player h are a team

player b and player g are a team

draw one name from a hat of player c, d and e...and that person is paired with player f

the two remaining players are matched together

each player buys in for $25. Mulligans are allowed, but each mulligan will cost you $5.

You cannot use a mulligan on the putting green and each player may only use 1 mulligan per hole.

The max strokes is 3x par (par 3, the highest score you can have is a 9)......(usually for a regular day the most you can get is a 2x par, for time purposes and pace of play)

The final score will be a total of the two teammates. Each cart/team will keep track of their own score as well as their paired up teams score, that way at the end of the round we can compare scores and make sure they are all the same.

Please let me know if there is a better way to do this, or maybe how your friends/golf buddies do it.

One person suggested a best ball, but each team has to play 9 tee shots of each partners. The teams were going to be the same for this approach.
One idea is to let both players tee off and choose the best drive and then play their own balls from there. That way they each have there own score but can get a little help off the tee. This will level the field a bit since you have huge variations in skill level.
I don't like the mulligan idea unless you only let a team have a 5 mulligan max.
Just my thoughts
We usually play skins with handicaps - but the negotiation of how many strokes per side you're going to give/receive is (IMO) one of the highlights. I've had some friendly epic arguments with some other gambling golfers (cliff notes: I almost always win the front, sometimes win the back, always dump it back on an 18th hole double or nothing).
A new (to us) game that we have enjoyed lately is:

For 2-man teams, count 20 net scores out of the 36 holes for each team (or 30 out of 54 for 3-man teams, 40 out of 72 for 4-man teams). The "twist" is that you must decide whether or not you want to count a score on the previous hole before teeing off.

Of course you would need to figure out how many strokes each person will be getting beforehand but it is pretty fun, particularly when the group has a wide range of skill levels.

Since we play the same course every week for league we occasionally play a game where strokes aren't assigned in the traditional manner but we allow players to assign strokes themselves, up to 2 strokes/hole. There are a few guys that blow up on their nemesis hole every week so this lets them prevent that from happening.

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